the seldomberry


it’s well become as use of me to rest
in shape of arms and warmth and bed hereof.
and though i so enjoy acoiling soft,
we’ve come to ask each other, ¿whence was it

that we had come each other suchly wont?
thou said’st: ¡and how luck-ridden must we be!
but upon further trial we could see
that time wont save us meeting a past yond,

yesteryear, land of gone and port and ore.
even though that foretime might not been meant,
new we wondered yet: werekin, ¿where wast thou?,

 why had we not met before


let’s speak watery words,
fruity phrases. teach
me the language
of elder lands
before i’m gone.

i was no more child
the moon whenafter
i became like
autumnal leaves and dyed
some lighter shade of these.

–i look like a motley-hearted pumpkin.
–but thou look’st like a loveable sort of motley-hearted pumpkin!

let’s speak wasted words,
fresher phrases. teach
me the language
of yearning thee
when I be gone:

yearn bowl; lah, lah.

why didst thou sleep
four in the dawn
and not call me to side?


dig up some scheme but
seldom bury dreams
and try to make it
constantly wake up
eat the seldomberry

dig the seldom sun
the image of sea
don’t dread travel travel
from sea to sun gone
seldom very long

eat the seldomberry
chew the prickly mush
love the lambdafruit
trace the mooncalf star
and sing starry lush

dig up some scheme but
seldom bury dreams
see the sickly seas
suns of sorry songs
eat the seldomberry

seldom bury dreams
but dig up some scheme

the sandman



o kine fir marten
from slithy lips
   a frumious neck
a thumb            like
     sturgeons in weed
frolics its way down
and about
      your chin
a grazeland athwart

o kine fir marten
harvesttime rainfall
seems like not enough
could i kiss these grasslands
unto greener make them
grassland no more
tongue tide
more than marsh

it’s hard to leave
no manmade trace
unto this thorny gorge


i thought of many reasons
why i get distracted
some eyesome eyes
a toothsome mouth
and a handsome friend
that happens to be
and toothsome
as well


#define MANY 3

[[i thoughtOf:[[ReasonSet alloc]
                            why:(i.state = STATE_DISTRACTED)]]
  /*some*/ [[Eyes alloc] init]:@(TRAIT_EYESOME),
     /*a*/ [[Mouth alloc] init]:@(TRAIT_TOOTHSOME), // and a
           [[Friend alloc] init]:@[@(TRAIT_HANDSOME),
                                   /* that happens to be */
                                   @(TRAIT_TOOTHSOME), // and
                                   /* as well */


disclose thy eyes
be wary
for life is a changing maze

what path to choose
asketh the runner

open thy mouth
for life is a classical tale

what riddle to solve
asketh the sailor

span thy arms
like wings
for life is a mellow cell

whom to embrace
asketh the queenbee

offer thy hands
but slowly
for life is ever building

what timber to build with
asketh the forester

release thy heart
with warmth
for life is a desert hive

dream to dwell upon
quoth the sandman


let us find(a place:
+ with no timezones
+ where notion{of:[now or today
                    or yesternight or yestermorrow]
               is:(not (.) and does-not-intend-to-be)};

let us find(a moment:
+ not Charles,
+ not Sammamish,
    + not Atlantis
); // i'm scared

// that_you_travel_so_fast or i_travel_so_long\
that we become a paradox\
of time and samely speedlights

let us embark(;
let us {grab:(the glowing stones), feed:(the caribou)};

the answerall


it all depends firstly but not chiefly
on referential frames of inaction
because nobody is watching the clock
wherein happenings of ticks
are solely recorded in appropriate ways
in them onely
passing by ticks and ticks and
passing values of timely jewelry
and ticks and hours and
minuets and sarabands and ticks and
ticks and passing by reference of tenderer vim
and shiest shriek and such
they early ask
what’s it all about
we answer with our shiest shriek
it should be all about time

we say
it’s all about the time of a sort
that undergoes boredom
sickness or

then they tell us it’s not
and whilst it may well be
yes it is but not
a samely sort of time
it’s all about
about this special other sort
that experiences yes boredom
and dilation and
and whatnot but it’s also reckoned
that ‘tis about lightly celerity
more than it is
about this sort of time

they used to tell us repeatingly
with great care and ceremoniocity
do not forget our seldomberries
do not forget
as much as they used to tell us
how wrong it was that time
it all be about

solemnly they asked us
given a parsimonious cs student
riding a two-wheel vehicle around campus
for forty-eight hours
that is two grim days and two restless nights
with velocity that
can be supposed to be constant in magnitude
and a tenthousandth of lightspeed
whilst a fellow cs student of
greater programming skill
and lesser athletic condition
a same amount of lines of code
that they’d produce in a same span of time
observed by themselves
in a wristwatch duely worn
would they meet the deadline with greater ease

they would not
our fictional procrastinating fellows
should hold their ground
fingers dancing like hummingbirds in heat
and time should dilate for everybody else
wherefrom reckoned it’s come
it is
no more about the time
nor it is about observing everybody
the same celerity of light

it is somewhat about getting good
and proper meals
with grains and worts
and vegan sorts of protein
and getting good and proper rest
and productive days and night nights
full of rest
or in absence of the aforementioned
full of gentle company
with gentle cares
and instances of a third law
therein held almost as much
a nighty night amongst ninety nights

and yet is is not enough
this nightly night
nor the nightest night
with wholesomemost company
eyesome eyes
a toothsome mouth
and a handsome friend
it is not even about the restfulmost of nights

it’s all about
yes our time here
our seldomberries
our flights sometimelanding
yes about grasslands and a thorny gorge
and queenbees and ready hives and building not only libraries
infinitely generous and of well-defined responsibilities
but building hives and building
executables with wholesomemost company
and days abright and nighest nights
and these can only be
let us be fools
under one concept

it’s all about the scope

Boston, November 2014